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buy nba 2k mt halftime Hurricane 30 points

Le 29 March 2016, 10:59 dans Humeurs 0

the original focus of the audience is Kobe Bryant, Bryant's career because it was last seen in the home of Sir EnergySolutions Arena buy nba 2k mt. But grab a Cheng Yaojin Hood broke so we had to shift attention to him.


Hood, this game played 30 minutes in 11 of 13 shots, including 8 of 9 from three-pointers to get 30 points. In fact, the first half played 20 minutes then Hood child under 30 points, the second half, no one shot. I can only say Hood crazy.


The game Jazz dropped into 17 three-pointers to create franchise record, which will contribute half of the Hood, it can be said to break the single-game three-point record in team history Hood when topped reactive.


The first competition Hood thrown into 4 three-pointers, nba 2k mt continue into the second section 4 three-pointers. There should be applause here, today Hood really no solution, cool hanging fried days.


Perhaps before there are a lot of people are not familiar with Hood, but today's game can be said to be a famous battle, Hood was thoroughly familiar. Trey 9 shooting 8. Curry played like day days of data, it was said with a smile Hood and Curry last night sleeping with success by shooting to the library package.


Hood this season averaging 14.7 points, the score is not a sign of Hood. This is the second time this season, Hood 30+, first appeared in the game against the Grizzlies, Hood got a career-high 32 points. So this game is also the second-highest career Hood.


Hood also found Kobe Bryant after the game, go to the signature shoe, and Bryant got the recognition and praise. I believe it is definitely worth the boy's excitement and pride, which he has a good future career incentives.


Jazz currently ranked with 36 wins and 37 losses record in the Western seventh, eighth leading rocket half margin of victory, the ninth-leading Mavericks a margin of victory. The slightest mistake will escape from the playoffs, so the next game for the Jazz is a must not be lost. Hood Jazz here need the ability to score, then let's continue to look at Hood brought me a wonderful game to help the team into the playoffs it.

buynba2kmt 08 playoff kill spirit possession

Le 29 March 2016, 10:59 dans Humeurs 0

1) May 13, 1997 (Los Angeles Lakers 93-98 Jazz)


This is Bryant's rookie season. Western Conference semifinals, buynba2kmt Lakers encounter enemies jazz. The first four games, the Lakers to 1-3 behind. Crucial Game 5, as a rookie, Bryant is the Lakers when he was coach Del - Harris high hopes, but the last time in the fourth quarter and overtime, Bryant hit four three non-stick, and ultimately the Lakers to 1-4 Jazz was eliminated. Match, Bryant came off the bench 29 minutes, only 4 of 14 shots, 0-6 three-pointers, scored 11 points.


When years later, Bryant recalled that game, said: "That game was a turning point in my early career, it made me learn to deal with adversity and face public criticism and self-doubt."


2) February 2, 2003 (the Lakers 99-87 Jazz)


Lakers vs. Jazz. That game, OK combination of war jazz cheap nba 2k16 mt black and white duo. In the end, Bryant 25 shooting in 44 minutes 12, 18 penalty 16, scored 42 points and helped the Lakers to 99-87 win.


3) February 20, 2003 (Los Angeles Lakers 93-87 Jazz)


After more than two weeks, the Lakers away to jazz. O'Neal missed the Kobe alone play the leading role, he was cast in 40 minutes 29 15, H-40 points. In just two weeks of touch Jazz, Bryant scored 40 points +.


4) November 31, 2006 (Los Angeles Lakers 132-102 Jazz)


The game is also one of the classic performances Bryant entire career. The first half, Bryant scored 10 of 16 shots 22 points, the Lakers 53-41 lead. The third quarter, Bryant unstoppable in the field, he was cast in this section 9 of 9 free throws 10 penalty 10, scored 30 points. This is Bryant's career second single scored 30 points, the highest score in the history of the Lakers 30 points single section.


5) May 17, 2008 (Los Angeles Lakers 108-105 Jazz)


Game 6 of the Western Conference semifinals, Bryant led the Lakers to have a match point challenges Jazz in Salt Lake City. The game, Bryant scored 34 points in 39 minutes, plus 8 rebounds and 6 assists. Ultimately, nba 2k17 coins Lakers to 108-105 victory and advance to the Western Conference finals 4-2.


6) January 12, 2012 (Los Angeles Lakers 90-87 Jazz)


Bryant shot 14 of 31, scored 40 points, which is to win back to back in a row to score 40 +, and in overtime last moment blocked a German - Harris, the third shot, the Lakers so as to preserve the victory. Ultimately, the Lakers away from home to 90-87 victory over the Jazz, this is the Lakers in the season's first road victory.

nba 2k16 mt quarter greet outbreak

Le 29 March 2016, 10:56 dans Humeurs 0

This season, Wade averaged 19 points (lowest since his rookie season points); nba 2k16 mt plus 4.7 assists and 4.1 rebounds and 20.2 PER (efficiency value). But the last 6 games Wade averaged 23.5 points, fiery state. Because in the end of the regular season, the Heat have to go for better ranking of the regular season, so Wade timely broke out.



Wade one strong, very strong upper body, start quickly, breaking the extremely sharp, is the league's top. His defense is good, in large part thanks to his 6-11 wingspan, nba 2k16 mt defense to keep up with the pace of the opponent, the opponent always interference. Averaging more than one cap so hard. Do not suffer physical confrontation, relatively good defense. It is worth mentioning that the critical moment of impressive defense, often do not know where to fly from his opponent out of the hat.


Maybe this season, Wade could play not as exciting data so that people applaud him, but as long as the Heat needed that Flash will appear in front of us. Without you, there is no past, I will not believe it. So please give Wade a little patience, while maintaining a healthy look forward Wade brought us the world's best performance. Miami is currently ranked fourth in the eastern part of 43 wins and 30 losses record. Half eagle eastern margin of victory from the third, leading the Hornets a sixth eastern margin of victory, so the slightest mistake will rank subversion occur. Wade will next play on the team is essential, of course, the premise is to ensure the health of Wade case. Then we look forward Wade led the Heat to our surprise it.

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