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       The final team to 119 than 100 win in Toronto.

Westbrook game played only 34 minutes and again three pairs of contribution. 10 of 16 shots, 26 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists.


This is the sixteenth season three pairs of Westbrook, but also since March Westbrook seventh assists in NBA history, surpassed - Larry Bird in February 1986 three pairs of six, tied Jordan get seven times three pairs of data in April 1989.


At least three pairs championship this season, no doubt Granville came out on top, followed by Green to twelve ranks. Before March Westbrook could have been behind the Green, but in March Westbrook suddenly boomed, all of a sudden start to overtake Green top. Green got the first triple-double yesterday, ready to narrow the gap between Westbrook, Westbrook let you catch up? Today, immediately take the first triple-double continue to widen the gap.


Westbrook this season, averaging 23.7 points (second career high, after last season); 10.4 assists per game (second in the league); 7.8 rebounds, 45.8 percent shooting, NBA 2K16 MT career high; 27.9PER (third in the league).


Westbrook integrity peak now, I believe no one will doubt it, especially this season, the team's position in the increasingly important early is no longer a shadow around Durant, but Durant to keep pace with the presence of .



In the NBA, so the guard in this league, in addition to the library, you have to count Westbrook is the second hero, this is both Sheng Yu Sheng-liang things. Its point guard position things done now, no matter what age are top.


We know this guy is not known to efficiency in the past few years, and now NBA 2K17 MT has become an efficient player's representatives, only a small presence of Viagra, Thunder players to score 50% come from his assists, only the history of the NBA Paul,  Stockton played such a high assist rate.