the original focus of the audience is Kobe Bryant, Bryant's career because it was last seen in the home of Sir EnergySolutions Arena buy nba 2k mt. But grab a Cheng Yaojin Hood broke so we had to shift attention to him.


Hood, this game played 30 minutes in 11 of 13 shots, including 8 of 9 from three-pointers to get 30 points. In fact, the first half played 20 minutes then Hood child under 30 points, the second half, no one shot. I can only say Hood crazy.


The game Jazz dropped into 17 three-pointers to create franchise record, which will contribute half of the Hood, it can be said to break the single-game three-point record in team history Hood when topped reactive.


The first competition Hood thrown into 4 three-pointers, nba 2k mt continue into the second section 4 three-pointers. There should be applause here, today Hood really no solution, cool hanging fried days.


Perhaps before there are a lot of people are not familiar with Hood, but today's game can be said to be a famous battle, Hood was thoroughly familiar. Trey 9 shooting 8. Curry played like day days of data, it was said with a smile Hood and Curry last night sleeping with success by shooting to the library package.


Hood this season averaging 14.7 points, the score is not a sign of Hood. This is the second time this season, Hood 30+, first appeared in the game against the Grizzlies, Hood got a career-high 32 points. So this game is also the second-highest career Hood.


Hood also found Kobe Bryant after the game, go to the signature shoe, and Bryant got the recognition and praise. I believe it is definitely worth the boy's excitement and pride, which he has a good future career incentives.


Jazz currently ranked with 36 wins and 37 losses record in the Western seventh, eighth leading rocket half margin of victory, the ninth-leading Mavericks a margin of victory. The slightest mistake will escape from the playoffs, so the next game for the Jazz is a must not be lost. Hood Jazz here need the ability to score, then let's continue to look at Hood brought me a wonderful game to help the team into the playoffs it.