1) May 13, 1997 (Los Angeles Lakers 93-98 Jazz)


This is Bryant's rookie season. Western Conference semifinals, buynba2kmt Lakers encounter enemies jazz. The first four games, the Lakers to 1-3 behind. Crucial Game 5, as a rookie, Bryant is the Lakers when he was coach Del - Harris high hopes, but the last time in the fourth quarter and overtime, Bryant hit four three non-stick, and ultimately the Lakers to 1-4 Jazz was eliminated. Match, Bryant came off the bench 29 minutes, only 4 of 14 shots, 0-6 three-pointers, scored 11 points.


When years later, Bryant recalled that game, said: "That game was a turning point in my early career, it made me learn to deal with adversity and face public criticism and self-doubt."


2) February 2, 2003 (the Lakers 99-87 Jazz)


Lakers vs. Jazz. That game, OK combination of war jazz cheap nba 2k16 mt black and white duo. In the end, Bryant 25 shooting in 44 minutes 12, 18 penalty 16, scored 42 points and helped the Lakers to 99-87 win.


3) February 20, 2003 (Los Angeles Lakers 93-87 Jazz)


After more than two weeks, the Lakers away to jazz. O'Neal missed the Kobe alone play the leading role, he was cast in 40 minutes 29 15, H-40 points. In just two weeks of touch Jazz, Bryant scored 40 points +.


4) November 31, 2006 (Los Angeles Lakers 132-102 Jazz)


The game is also one of the classic performances Bryant entire career. The first half, Bryant scored 10 of 16 shots 22 points, the Lakers 53-41 lead. The third quarter, Bryant unstoppable in the field, he was cast in this section 9 of 9 free throws 10 penalty 10, scored 30 points. This is Bryant's career second single scored 30 points, the highest score in the history of the Lakers 30 points single section.


5) May 17, 2008 (Los Angeles Lakers 108-105 Jazz)


Game 6 of the Western Conference semifinals, Bryant led the Lakers to have a match point challenges Jazz in Salt Lake City. The game, Bryant scored 34 points in 39 minutes, plus 8 rebounds and 6 assists. Ultimately, nba 2k17 coins Lakers to 108-105 victory and advance to the Western Conference finals 4-2.


6) January 12, 2012 (Los Angeles Lakers 90-87 Jazz)


Bryant shot 14 of 31, scored 40 points, which is to win back to back in a row to score 40 +, and in overtime last moment blocked a German - Harris, the third shot, the Lakers so as to preserve the victory. Ultimately, the Lakers away from home to 90-87 victory over the Jazz, this is the Lakers in the season's first road victory.