This season, Wade averaged 19 points (lowest since his rookie season points); nba 2k16 mt plus 4.7 assists and 4.1 rebounds and 20.2 PER (efficiency value). But the last 6 games Wade averaged 23.5 points, fiery state. Because in the end of the regular season, the Heat have to go for better ranking of the regular season, so Wade timely broke out.



Wade one strong, very strong upper body, start quickly, breaking the extremely sharp, is the league's top. His defense is good, in large part thanks to his 6-11 wingspan, nba 2k16 mt defense to keep up with the pace of the opponent, the opponent always interference. Averaging more than one cap so hard. Do not suffer physical confrontation, relatively good defense. It is worth mentioning that the critical moment of impressive defense, often do not know where to fly from his opponent out of the hat.


Maybe this season, Wade could play not as exciting data so that people applaud him, but as long as the Heat needed that Flash will appear in front of us. Without you, there is no past, I will not believe it. So please give Wade a little patience, while maintaining a healthy look forward Wade brought us the world's best performance. Miami is currently ranked fourth in the eastern part of 43 wins and 30 losses record. Half eagle eastern margin of victory from the third, leading the Hornets a sixth eastern margin of victory, so the slightest mistake will rank subversion occur. Wade will next play on the team is essential, of course, the premise is to ensure the health of Wade case. Then we look forward Wade led the Heat to our surprise it.